Produce and commercialise hardware

Brantifer - Indústria de Ferragens, Lda was founded in 2002, located in Águeda, at 20 km from Aveiro and 70Km from Oporto.

Is dedicated to produce and commercialise hardware, for industrial and domestic use, amongst its products are different models of clothelines wall, jointed legs for tables and seats, soccer table and billiard acessories, and other hardware.

We also execute subcontracting services in stamping, turnery, thread rolling and bendings.

Brantifer relies on a versatile and flexible production that allows the meeting of needs of its customers, at competitive prices.

Possessing a wide range of machinery, that gives a large industry autonomy, ensuring that the almost our products are made in Brantifer.

The company is in development phase of new products, in order to conquer new customers and diversify markets.



  • Brantifer 10-peq
  • Brantifer 8-peq
  • Brantifer 7-peq
  • Brantifer 6-peq
  • Brantifer 5-peq
  • Brantifer 4-peq
  • Brantifer 3-peq
  • Brantifer 1-peq